The Coreson Company

What do we do?

SEM SEO and Multimedia Production

Internet Services SEM SEO

Step one: Get Discovered

Step two: Be Remembered

Getting discovered happens when search engines can find you. (SEM) "I've got a web site ... so where are the customers?" Thats the prevailing attitude with most web site owners. Search engines don't know what the heck you do if you don't tell them. AND, you have to tell them in THEIR language. Their language is a code that doesn't sound much like english.

We "speaka-da-lingo".

Getting discovered is accomplished best and fastest with a solid PPC (pay per click) campaign through Google Adwords. You've seen those ads all over the internet for everyone else. Now, how about getting that recognition for your site?

Getting remembered is about 1) Having content thats got some "pazazz"! Video, audio, something that people from this TV society are comfortable with. 2) Getting "Buzz" from everywhere around the interenet. That may be a blog, a podcast, a newsletter, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and the like. We can do all of that for you OR, we can train your staff.


Our multimedia productions cantain one thing you can't find anywhere else: Corky Coreson's voice! A voice you've heard countless times on every major TV network, most major cable TV networks, national radio commercials, documentary and educational films, telephone on-hold lines, point of purchase videos -- just about every recorded voice venue there is. A versatile voice that has the authority, sincerity, intelligence and conviction to represent your business as you want it represented. How-To Videos, Video Podcasts, Audio Podcasts, these are great ways to give you site something worth checking out. The longer they stay, the greater the likelihood that they'll become a client/customer.

If you're an "equipment geek" you can see what's in the studio.

Script writing

It doens't mater how well you say it, if your not delivering the right message. The focus of our scripts is to motivate. Benifits rather than features. We subscribe to the viewpoint "Few people want to buy a lawnmower, most people just want a mowed lawn."