The Coreson Company


The roots of The Coreson Company are based in Corky Coreson's voice and the thousands of radio and television commercials he has voiced and produced.
You can add the comanding presence of Corky's voice to your site with helpful multimedia programs and his comanding, reassuring narrations.

These demos are presented in mono MP3 format.

Icon: Speaker Main Demo (2:03, 2.5 MB)

Get a quick sample of the many styles of Corky's voice.

Icon: Speaker Narrations (1:35, 747 KB)

Long format narrations from infomercials and industrial videos.

Icon: Speaker On Hold (2:47, 1.3 MB)

Samples of Corky's On Hold Messages. Learn more.

Icon: Speaker Sports and Hard Sell (1:36, 758 KB)

For that "in your face" delivery.

Icon: Speaker Compassionate (1:30, 712 KB)

A gentle caring delivery.

Icon: Speaker Cheezy Old Time Announcer (1:42, 802 KB)

That about says it!


Didn't hear what your looking for? Ask Corky, he can probably do it.